Folder Redirection – Redirecting Folders to Central Location

Redirecting folders is a term called folder redirection, which allows you to redirect folders from the user’s profile such as Desktop, Documents, Favourites, etc to a new location either on the server or on the local computer, which is done through Group Policy. The benefits of redirecting the profile folders are: When you redirect a … Read more

Prevent Users from Connecting Removeable Device to the Computers

You may have encounter problems from users that a virus occurs on the computer when they connect their removable devices such as USB stick or external hard drives to the computer. This is due to inappropriate files being stored in the the drives and accessed on the computer, which causes the virus to spread across … Read more

Pushing Security permission to Restrict File from Opening on all Windows 7 Machines

If you have a file located on a same location as all the other machines and would like certain users or group to restrict access to the file, you can modify the GPO on the server which will restrict users from launching the file. To do this perform the following steps: 1) On a Windows … Read more