Windows Server 2012 R2 70- 410 Notes

Installing Servers

Windows Server 2012 DOES NOT support Itanium processor and is 64bit only operating system.

There are 4 Editions of Windows Server 2012, which are:

  • Datacentre:
    • Hot add CPU – This allows you to dynamically add CPU on running computers
    • Can install unlimited VMs
    • Can install maximum of 64 processors.
  •  Standard
    • Contain same features as Datacentre but can only install maximum of 2VMs
  •  Essentials
    • Essential has all the features in standard and datacentre beside server core, hyper-v and ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services
    • You can install the OS either on one physical server or one virtual server and can’t be installed on both
    • 25 is the maximum number of user CALs
  • Foundation
    • The foundation edition is used mainly for small company
    • Limited to 15 user CALs
    • This is a cut down version OS, which support file and print services and application support

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